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Aveo U-VA ‘Bada Dil Badi Car’ Ad (featuring Saif Ali Khan)

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Tagline: Bada Dil. Badi Car.

Agency: [Need to find out]

Duration: 40 seconds

First seen: October ’08

Ad Message: Reinforce Aveo U-VA car brand, continue highlighting the car’s space as a product differentiator

Target Audience: 25+ years Middle income age group

Frequency: Medium

Description: A red car is cruising on the road in a picture-perfect scene but slows down as the driver comes across a football team stuck in the middle of the road. The driver as it turns out is Saif Ali Khan, stops and asks if there is a problem. The harried football player in turn asks how far the football ground is (quite worried if they would be able reach the ground in time for their game). Saif offers to take them there as the ground is a bit far and assures his car can accommodate all of them. The entire football team jumps in the car, fits in rather miraculously and off they go. Saif comments ‘see, no problem’ to which the footballer smugly says that it will be the local team that’ll be in problem now that they will reach the ground in time.
On reaching the football ground, just as the referee is about to blow the whistle, the entire team rushes to the center of the ground and takes their position leaving the local supporters stunned.
In the next shot, it is the other team’s turn to be bewildered as they notice Saif Ali taking off his jacket and revealing the local team’s uniform underneath. He joins his team line-up and quips “Problem guys?”
[Caution: Strictly opinionated comments follow]
This one certainly puts the ‘feel-good’ emotion to good use as the simple narrative leads us to believe that generosity and chivalry are not yet dead. The tagline “Bada Dil. Badi Car.” does full justice to the storyline while emphasizing on the car’s best feature – ample space. It also earns extra points for being consistent with previous ‘there’s room for everyone’ campaigns.

It’s good that the word ‘incredibly spacious’ has been used while describing the car; cause with just one player seated in the front, the idea that around 8-9 more are seated ‘no-problematically’ at the back is well, just that…’incredible’.

And I have to ask Saif: what’s with the hairy look? I mean there might be a rare breed of exceptionally talented bearded footballers, but you are neither a footballer nor exceptionally talented. So, please please please make that extra effort to look like one next time. 

It’s a nice ad minus Saifu’s excess hair of course.


  Weight Rating W * R
Idea/Innovation/Creativity 15 7 105
Storyline/Screenplay 10 7 70
Music/Jingle 10 5 50
Cinematography 5 7 35
Acting 5 6 30
Duration vs Impact 5 7 35
Cost vs Impact 5 7 35
Brand Recall 10 8 80
Ad Memorability 5 7 35
Tagline 7.5 7 52.5
Product Association 5 8 40
Target Audience Connect 7.5 7 52.5
Entertainment  5 7 35
Claim 2.5 6 15
Emotional Appeal 2.5 8 20
Total 100   690

Weighted Average Rating: 690/100 = 6.9 (on a scale of 10)

What’s your rating for this one –


Written by AsMi

October 18, 2008 at 11:11 am

One Response

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  1. The ad is really good..the msg of maximum space within the car is aptly communicated..

    will help in differentiating aveo from other compact cars by emphasising the feature of additional rear space.. thus making it an appropriate family car for a family of more than 4 members

    Moreover the bade dil walon ke liye badi car theme is also aptly justified by the ad (when saif offers help to the rival football team)

    Finally A Good, precise a bang on ad..


    November 8, 2008 at 8:47 pm

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