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Airtel Voice SMS Shahrukh-Saif-Kareena Ad

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Tagline: Add emotions to your messages

Agency: Rediffusion DY&R

Duration: 45 seconds

First seen: October ’08

Ad Message: Introducing new Voice SMS service from Airtel

Target Audience: All Airtel subscribers (15+ years age group)

Frequency: High

Description: Saif says to Shahrukh “I miss you so much. It hurts” in the balcony, inside the shower, while working-out until SRK gives him a punch and Saif blurts out the line in considerable pain and touché – it is promptly recorded by SRK and sent as a voice sms to Saifu’s girlfriend Kareena who incidentally (who would have guessed?) is pretty mad at him. But the agony-laden voice of the poor boyfriend missing her badly puts a smile on her face as the signature Airtel tune plays in the background.

Voiceover introduces new Voice SMS functionality from Airtel that allows subscribers to put emotion into their messages.

[Caution: Strictly opinionated comments follow]

Well, the ad keeps you on the edge-of-the-seat when you watch it for the first time trying to figure out what these infamous-two are up to and you do end up having a good laugh at the unexpected ending. It is also well-cast with SRK and Saif’s notorious image working in favor of the ad.

But imho…it’s a good idea gone woefully wrong in execution. For starters, it was only while listening to the ad for the third time that I could make out the ‘IT HURTS’ part of Saif’s line (& I am still wondering what SRK says once he is done recording!!? Any guesses?). Really now, Saif you need to work on your tallafuz miyaan (said Javed Akhtar ishtyle). Next, the emotion “hurt” has been taken ever soooo literally…to an extent that Saif sounds more constipated than heartbroken in the end. In fact, he fares much better the very first time he says it (maybe he actually feels it more that time, remember Kanta behn anyone 😉 oops sorry…that’s just the mean-me!)

Ok, now if I had my way, I would rather show Saif in tears while chopping onions (or some such) and SRK records Saif’s tear-jerkingly delivered line ‘I miss you so much. It hurts.” Frankly, it would gel much better with Kareena’s delicate smile in the end and the melodious Airtel tune that plays in the background. I mean the way Saif currently sounds, I would be seriously worried if I were in Kareena’s place 😉

Trivia: The other girl playing Kareena’s friend in this ad is Pooja Ruparel, best known for her role as Chutki in DDLJ.


  Weight Rating W * R
Idea/Innovation/Creativity 15 7 105
Storyline/Screenplay 10 6 60
Music/Jingle 10 5 50
Cinematography 5 5 25
Acting 5 5 25
Duration vs Impact 5 6 30
Cost vs Impact 5 4 20
Brand Recall 10 5 50
Ad Memorability 5 5 25
Tagline 7.5 3 22.5
Product Association 5 8 40
Target Audience Connect 7.5 7 52.5
Entertainment 5 7 35
Claim 2.5 6 15
Emotional Appeal 2.5 4 10
Total 100   565

Weighted Average Rating: 565/100 = 5.65 (on a scale of 10)

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7 Responses

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  1. I think the ad is real nice…

    Probably SRK is saying “Saif bro, we got it!”

    I would say how about Saif is getting all sad and boo hooing on SRK’s shoulder and SRK secretly sends it to Kareena via Voice SMS.


    October 25, 2008 at 4:37 pm

  2. SRK sez “i think we got it.”

    [Tnx Shreya, I think you got it 🙂 AsMi]


    October 26, 2008 at 8:07 pm

  3. Great post! I agree that while the idea was good, it could have been pushed further to make it more humourous/likeable. You have a nice blog going here!

    [Thanks a bunch! Bhatnaturally obliged, AsMi :-)]


    October 30, 2008 at 10:01 am

  4. hey OMG I should be analyzing ads ‘coz I love them. Also, I thought of the constipated thing too!

    One more thought. IF they break up-how embarrassing would these advertisements be.


    November 11, 2008 at 5:34 pm

  5. this is one of those ads that seriously cud hav been so much better taken considering the cast .. it honestly didnt do any justice to the concept.. donno if i shud say it was ‘underdone’ , ‘overdone’ or better left ‘undone’ 😀


    November 21, 2008 at 7:03 am

  6. @hi1da: I couldn’t agree more.


    November 22, 2008 at 6:45 am

  7. […] a comment over here suggested, it would have been funnier if SRK recorded Saif’s emotion on the sly. While almost […]

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