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Pepsi Youngistaan ‘Baap’ Ad

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Tagline: Yeh hai youngistaan meri jaan

Agency: JWT

Duration: 40 seconds

First seen: February ’09

Ad Message: Establish Pepsi as the ‘it’ drink for young India

Target Audience: 15-25 years young SEC A & B crowd

Frequency: High

Description: The ad opens with MS Dhoni standing on terrace overlooking amchi Mumbai as he introduces the premise of the ad “Bijli, paani, phone ka connection to suna hogaa, par yeh connection, baap re baap”. Cut to shots of Ishant Sharma standing in an admission queue to be ousted by a VIP’s son, Sreesanth doing his jig in an attempt to impress the girl only to have his efforts sabotaged by the commissioner’s son, and Virendra Sehwag just about to get a haircut (yes, believe it or not) when the ministers’ iklauta son steps in. In all the situations, the reckless sons blurt out the oft heard threat “jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hai?” The ad ends with the four cricketers in their dressing room saying that they still don’t know who those famous ‘baaps’ are, all they know is that they have a connection with their thirst; and that is all that is needed to succeed. Voiceover ends the spot with “Yeh hai youngistaan meri jaan”.

[Caution: Strictly opinionated comments follow]

Before I start talking about this ad in isolation, let me say it straight out – it is much better than the previous Pepsi ‘My can’ fiasco. After all, you can only go up from rock bottom. Ok, that aside this ad is still quite ironic if you really think about it – a thirst-quenching product talking about keeping the ‘thirst’ alive? Completely forgetting to connect the idea with the product when..ahem ahem…the central idea is ‘connections’?

But then not too many youngistaanis are thinking, really or otherwise. To be fair, the execution is not bad and the situations are quite easy to relate with. The background music is likable and so is the pack of in-form cricketers, though Sreesanth really needs to learn a new dance step or two (and fast!). Got to mention that the Haryanvi speaking guy brushing aside Sehwag is particularly funny. And who can forget the silent star of the spot, Sehwag’s wig baba! Psst, he is already contemplating hair transplant encouraged by the response.

 All said and done, none of the Pepsi youngistaan spots have really hit the bulls-eye so far, the one where you go “Ok, so this is what youngistaan is about and I am/would like to be a youngistaani (by drinking Pepsi)”

Question to Pepsi: time to rethink the “connection” with the agency maybe?


  Weight Rating W * R
Idea/Innovation/Creativity 15 4 60
Storyline/Screenplay 10 7 70
Music/Jingle 10 7 70
Cinematography 5 7 35
Acting 5 6 30
Duration vs Impact 5 6 30
Cost vs Impact 5 8 40
Recall     0
Brand Recall 10 6 60
Ad Memorability 5 4 20
Tagline 7.5 5 37.5
Product Association 5 1 5
Target Audience Connect 7.5 7 52.5
Entertainment 5 6 30
Claim 2.5 4 10
Emotional Appeal 2.5 2 5
Total 100   555

Weighted Average Rating: 555/100 = 5.55 (on a scale of 10)

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Pepsi ‘My Can’ Ad featuring Ranbir Kapoor

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Tagline: [Not available yet]

Agency: JWT

Duration: 30 seconds

First seen: December ’08

Ad Message: Establish the 15 Rs. Pepsi ‘My Can’ offering in the market

Target Audience: 15-25 years young SEC A & B crowd

Frequency: Medium

Description: This ad opens with a store shutting down when a guy (played by Ranbir Kapoor) and a girl (played by Pooja Sharma) both reach out to grab the last can of Pepsi. The struggle for the coveted can begins with each of them proclaiming it’s ‘my can’. The girl not wanting to give-up the can ends up in the guy’s apartment and does not give ground even when the guy takes off his shirt. She covers her eyes but continues to hold on to the can. Last shot informs that the story is ‘to be continued’.

[Caution: Strictly opinionated comments follow]

Do us a favor JWT, please don’t ‘to-be-continue’ this one. How on earth could you forget that Pepsi once took potshots at Akshay-Kumar-grabbing-the-last-bottle-of-thumbs-up series by coming up with an ad which proclaimed ‘Pepsi piyaa karo uncle, har jagah milti hai’. Have you heard of the term ‘consistency’? Here is a brilliant article to get you started.

It looks like such a humdrum idea, so very predictable from the very first shot. Moreover, the story has very glaring loopholes – a girl who is ready to barge-in in a strange guy’s apartment (that too at night time; since it was time for the store to shutdown silly!) BUT covers her eyes while he takes off his shirt (mind you, only ‘while’ he is undressing – somehow she is quite comfortable once the process is done).

Again, like the Kareena-Desi-Beats ad, this seems more like a video showcasing Ranbir Kapoor; hard not to notice how brazenly the girl has been ignored – you get to see her face only once during the entire clip.

The only positive thing is that you end up remembering it is a ‘My Can’ ad simply because of the repetition technique used. And yeah, I can see a niche section of teenage-dimwit gals drooling over Ranbir and if they end up buying some ‘mycans’, good for Pepsi.

But definitely not my cup of tea, this ‘mycan’ (and that’s when I have seen only the first part).


  Weight Rating W * R
Idea/Innovation/Creativity 15 2 30
Storyline/Screenplay 10 1 10
Music/Jingle 10 3 30
Cinematography 5 3 15
Acting 5 5 25
Duration vs Impact 5 6 30
Cost vs Impact 5 7 35
Recall     0
Brand Recall 10 7 70
Ad Memorability 5 6 30
Tagline     0
Product Association 5 6 30
Target Audience Connect 7.5 5 37.5
Entertainment 5 3 15
Claim 2.5 2 5
Emotional Appeal 2.5 1 2.5
Total 92.5   365

Weighted Average Rating: 365/100 = 3.65 (on a scale of 10)

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Sulekha.com “Aaj ka Arjun” Ad

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Tagline: Find. Buy. Sell.

Agency: JWT

Duration: 60 seconds

First seen: November ’08

Ad Message: Establish Sulekha.com as the one-stop-shop for buying and selling needs

Target Audience: 22+ years higher income group (with internet access)

Frequency: [yet to air on TV]

Description: Opening shot shows a distressed Arjun standing besides his fallen rath as he shudders at the image of his nagging partner. A set of arrows and a message (showing how to use the arrows) suddenly appear before him. He starts shooting those arrows straight up and magically replaces his carriage with a bike, acquires a helmet, pacifies his sulking girlfriend by showering gifts, buys a car, moves into a bigger house and is finally shown clicking a family portrait with all family members shooting arrows in the sky.
Last shot reveals that all the arrows had been heading for Sulekha.com which had been helping him Find, Buy and Sell.

[Caution: Strictly opinionated comments follow]

Whoever thought of utilizing the ‘Patta Chitra Katha’ art form to convey the ad’s message, can take the rest of the week off…or make it a month! For they have brought alive a rare art and might just manage to capture the impregnable fortress – the customer’s attention span.

Which is why it makes me sad to say that the agency has hardly done justice to what could have been a truly landmark commercial. The story seems half-baked as it is neither humorous, nor edge-of-the-seat material. It’s just plain ordinary. Moreover, the editing seems like a rush job too; for example – why keep the phone call in the TVC? [If you see the full digital version, that call to the pandit is to organize an impromptu wedding with the “girlfriend”] And yeah, Arjuna getting a belan-beating by his girlfriend, that’s just a little too cheeky for me.

I also stumbled across this article which explains that the ‘red arrow’ has been consistently used in all Sulekha.com campaigns to signify the on-screen cursor, precision and speed, as a refreshing point, as a trigger to ‘go straight to sulekha.com’, and to add mythological appeal to the target group. Ahem ahem, Sulekha.com – if you are waiting for the poor little arrow to get across all of that, please don’t hold your breath. Rest assured none of the viewers is going to buy that. We are sorry you bought that load of crap from your agency.

I do want to laud the background music as the ethnic sounds that have been used complement the idea very well. Also, the last shot where even the Gods (Yamaraj included) are shown shooting arrows upwards is a nice touch.

Yes, all credit to the agency for unearthing a long-lost, beautiful art and hats-off to the artists who worked for months to ultimately deliver it on-screen. It’s a pity that it could be so much more than what it is.



  Weight Rating W * R
Idea/Innovation/Creativity 15 9 135
Storyline/Screenplay 10 6 60
Music/Jingle 10 7.5 75
Cinematography 5 9 45
Acting     0
Duration vs Impact 5 6 30
Cost vs Impact 5 6 30
Brand Recall 10 7 70
Ad Memorability 5 8 40
Tagline 7.5 6 45
Product Association 5 8 40
Target Audience Connect 7.5 7 52.5
Entertainment 5 7 35
Claim 2.5 7 17.5
Emotional Appeal 2.5 5 12.5
Total 95   687.5

Weighted Average Rating: 687.5/95 = 6.875 (on a scale of 10)

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Written by AsMi

November 21, 2008 at 6:26 pm